Zimswitch is the sole national electronic funds switch for Zimbabwe. The company processes domestic card-based ATM and POS transactions amongst member financial institution in real time on line.Zimswitch has recently enabled our member banks to process person to person payments through the switch using a variety of delivery channels including mobile phones. Zimswitch serves not only the financial institutions who are its members and users but also provides an essential service to their customers; the Zimbabwean public.


Zimswitch facilitates the common utilisation of payment systems infrastructure like automated teller machines (ATM’s) and point of sale (POS) facilities throughout Zimbabwe. This ultimately reduces capital costs for financial institutions on acquiring own POS machines and ATMs.

Clearing & Settlement Services

Zimswitch acts as a clearing house through which the participants settle their net exposures resulting from card and eft transactions on a daily basis.

Risk Mitigation

We manage the risk relationship among participants.

Transaction Processing

Zimswitch contributes to increased transaction volumes to financial institutions both acquirers and issuers as bank customers are able to transact anywhere where there is a Zimswitch enabled device(ATM or POS).