Our Products

We have four payment channels that are available to the customer:

  • ATM

There are over 400 Zimswitch enabled Automated Teller Machines (ATM) around the country. These are found in major cities, towns and growth points ensuring that bank account holders can access cash via ATMs anywhere in Zimbabwe.


  • A client is able to withdraw cash, do balance enquiry, transfer funds, and purchase airtime on any Zimswitch enabled ATM.
  • On selected ATMs, one is able to withdraw cash in other currencies other than the US dollar, like the rand.
  • POS

Zimswitch services over 42 000 Point of Sale (POS) machines nationwide. These are found in most major retail chains, small to medium shops, hotels, restaurants and fast food outlets countrywide.


  • On a POS machine a client is able to pay for groceries, do bill payments, cash back, airtime purchases and balance enquiry.
  • Available at major retail chains and service centers – now you can access cash at banking agents nationwide regardless of which bank you bank with.

Any mobile registered user on any network is able to enjoy real convenience of sending money through Zimswitch Instant Payment Interchange Technology (ZIPIT).


  • One is able to buy airtime and transfer airtime to another mobile user.
  • ZIPIT enables a person to send funds instantly from a Zimswitch member bank to another member bank and funds are received instantly.
  • ZIPIT also enables a person to transfer funds from the bank to the mobile wallet.

Through our internet payments gateway one is able to Purchase goods & services online with their Zimswitch enabled debit card.