ZIPIT Smart is mobile based merchant and bill payments solution. It is new function on the ZIPIT platform that enables initiation and transfer of merchant payments via a mobile phone to a unique Zipit Smart merchant code. It can be used to pay  for:-

    -    Bills and utilities

    -   Groceries

    -   School fees

    -   Tithes and offerings

    -    Other goods and services in the formal and informal market

    Who can use ZIPIT Smart

    A banked customer with either a  KYC lite account or normal bank account automatically gains access to the product via already existing Mobile Banking Platforms.

    How do I register for ZIPIT SMART as a customer?

    No registration is required. Functionality is available on mobile banking platforms.

    What are the benefits of ZIPIT SMART?
    1. Low cost choice payments solution.
    2. Accessibility-banked & unbanked (with wallets on Zimswitch platform).
    3. One stop payment platform for purchase transactions.
    4. Instant and Real time remote payments.
    How does ZIPIT SMART work? (Just ZIPIT & PAY)
    1. Initiate a ZIPIT Smart transaction  on your mobile app or via your bank's USSD code or WhatsApp Banking by entering a Merchant Code.
    2. Confirm Merchant details, amount and submit payment.
    3. Customer receives payment confirmation with merchant details and transaction amount.
    Who qualifies to be a ZIPIT SMART Merchant?

    Any business enterprise: Small to Medium or Corporates with active bank accounts automatically qualify. Registered companies who wish to open bank accounts also qualify to become ZIPIT Smart Merchants.

    How do I become a ZIPIT SMART Merchant?

    Visit your bank today and register to become a ZIPIT Smart Merchant