• Q) Where can I get a POS (“swipe”) machine?
    • A) Banks provide POS machines, as such you can approach your bank to apply for one.

  • Q) What are the USSD codes for mobile banking?
    • A) Get in touch with your bank or visit your bank’s website for assistance. You can also try a google search for the respective USSD codes for banks.
  • Q) How can I get a Zimswitch card?
    • A) All banks in Zimbabwe are on the Zimswitch platform, by opening an account with any Zimbabwean bank, you entitled to be given a Zimswitch enabled debit card.
  • Q) Why can’t I get money from other banks’ ATMs?
    • A) Due to prevailing cash shortages in Zimbabwe currently, the industry is having challenges replenishing ATMs. We hope the situation will improve and banks will have adequate cash to replenish ATMs.
  • Q) How do I integrate payment solution with Zimswitch?
    • A) Zimswitch only deals with registered financial institutions, if for any reason you need association with, Zimswitch, you need to apply to come on board as a Third Party member through a sponsoring bank.


  • Q) How much are Zimswitch charges?
    • A) Zimswitch charges are considerably low, you can check the fee schedule on our website under services    


  • Q) How do I register to be on ZIPIT?
    • A) If your bank is on ZIPIT, you are automatically able to use the ZIPIT solution using the channels activated by your banks i.e. through mobile banking, POS machines, Internet and ATMs.
  • Q) Why does ZIPIT not show narrations like name of the sender?
    • A) It is still work in progress for other banks.However banks like CBZ,CABS, MBCA,FBC,NMB and POSB now give more detail.
  • Q) How long does it take for a ZIPIT transfer to reflect in my account?
    • A) ZIPIT is instant, however there are some isolated instances where it may take longer due to system challenges at either the sending or the receiving bank.
  • Q) What is ZIPIT?
    • A) ZIPIT stands for Zimswitch Instant Payment Interchange Technology. It is a solution that was developed to enable instant inter-bank funds transfers between Zimswitch member institutions.
  • Q) How do I track my money in a situation where my ZIPIT transfer is taking long to get to its destination?
    • A) Get in touch with your bank for assistance.
  • Q) How do I redeem money sent via ZIPIT to my mobile?
    • A) You get your money from the sending bank, if they fail to give you it will automatically be reversed back to the sender if not redeemed within 3 days.
  • Q) I want to transfer money using ZIPIT but I keep getting error messages.
    • A)Make sure you are using the correct account format for the receiving bank. Refer to ZIPIT flier on www.zimswitch.co.zw/downloads/
    • There are different error messages you get depending on the circumstances. Below are some common ones.


  • Response code 91
    • Institution not available or Issuer not available.
      • There may be some temporary system challenges, please try again latter.
  •  Response code 42
    • No universal account or No savings account.
      • This usually happen when the account number specified is not correct or does not follow the expected format. Please confirm the account number.
      • Some banks do not allow ZIPIT transactions to be sent to corporate accounts, please verify if the destination account is not a corporate account.
  • Response code 05
    • Do not honour.
      • The issuing bank is denying services due to various reasons. Please contact your bank and try again later.
      • For ordinary transactions i.e Purchase or cash withdrawal, please check with your bank the reasons for failures.
  • All other response codes
    • Any response code which results in failure to receive service, contact your bank.

Q) How do I access mobile banking on my phone if i do not have a bank mobile application?

Banks have different USSD codes you can use as shown below:





























POSB (Econet)


POSB (Telecel)