How do I integrate payment solution with Zimswitch?

Zimswitch only deals with registered financial institutions, if for any reason you need association with Zimswitch, you need to apply to come on board as a Third Party member through a sponsoring bank.

Why can’t I get money from other banks’ ATMs?

Due to prevailing cash shortages in Zimbabwe currently, the industry is having challenges replenishing ATMs. We hope the situation will improve and banks will have adequate cash to replenish ATMs.

How can I get a Debit card?

All banks in Zimbabwe are on the Zimswitch platform, by opening an account with any Zimbabwean bank, you entitled to be given a Zimswitch enabled debit card.

Where can I get a POS (“swipe”) machine?

Banks provide POS machines, as such you can approach your bank to apply for one.


How much are Zimswitch charges?

Zimswitch charges are considerably low, you can check the fee schedule on our website under Fees.


What is ZIPIT?

ZIPIT stands for Zimswitch Instant Payment Interchange Technology. It is a solution that was developed to enable instant inter-bank funds transfers between Zimswitch member institutions.

How long does it take for a ZIPIT transfer to reflect in my account?

ZIPIT is instant, however there are some isolated instances where it may take longer due to system challenges at either the sending or the receiving bank.

What are the USSD codes for mobile banking?

Member Partner USSD Code
African Century *244#
Agribank *277#
BancABC *242#
CABS *227#
CBZ *230#
Ecobank *326#
Ecocash *151#
Empowerbank *288#
FBC Bank *220#
FCB *229#
MyCash *212#
Metbank *234#
NBS *202#
Nedbank *299#
NMB *241#
OneMoney *111#
POSB (Econet) *223#
POSB (Telecel & Netone) *222#
Stanbic *247#
Standard Chartered Bank *200#
Steward *210#
Success *260#
Telecash *888#
Women Microfinance Bank  *405# 
ZB Bank (Econet) subscribers *440*600#
ZB Bank (Telecel & NetOne) *225#

How do I track my money in a situation where my ZIPIT transfer is taking long to get to its destination?

Get in touch with your bank for assistance.

Does ZIPIT show narrations like name of the sender?

It is work in progress under ZIPIT 2.0, however some banks already show narrations.

How do I redeem money sent via ZIPIT to my mobile?

You get your money from the sending bank, if they fail to give you it will automatically be reversed back to the sender if not redeemed within 3 days.

How do I register to be on ZIPIT?

If your bank is on ZIPIT, you are automatically able to use the ZIPIT solution using the channels activated by your banks i.e. through mobile banking, POS machines, Internet and ATMs.

I want to transfer money using ZIPIT but I keep getting error messages.

There are different error messages you get depending on the circumstances. Below are some common ones. Also check for account formats and guidelines on *******


Response code 42

  • No universal account or No savings account.
  • This usually happen when the account number specified is not correct or does not follow the expected format. Please confirm the account number.
  • Some banks do not allow ZIPIT transactions to be sent to corporate accounts, please verify if the destination account is not a corporate account.

Response code 91

  • Institution not available or Issuer not available.
  • There may be some temporary system challenges, please try again latter.

Response code 05

  • Do not honour.
  • The issuing bank is denying services due to various reasons. Please contact your bank and try again later.
  • For ordinary transactions i.e Purchase or cash withdrawal, please check with your bank the reasons for failures.

All other response codes

  • Any response code which result in failure to receive service.
  • Contact your bank.