The wise ones say that without history, there is no future. The same wise ones also say that we should not dwell too much on that history but use the experience to build the future.

Zimswitch has adopted these wise words as we continue to write our own history but work with the current for a better future. You will find somewhere in this issue, discussions around our twenty years in the business and the anniversary coming up.

The password for our business the past twenty years and going forward remains interoperability. I would like to share with the readers our driver to continue to deliver through our channels the service to our trusted clients and especially their direct clients: the tripartite relationship that has become synonymous with the round the clock service – the FIs/Banks as one, Merchants as the second and Zimswitch as the third in this partnership.

The banks supply the infrastructure of ATMs, POS, Mobile; the merchants and agents provide the outlets and points of customer contact and Zimswitch sitting in the middle integrates and provides interoperability. These are the enabling blocks that together provide the service to the end clients.

The relationship has taken shape and all parties appreciate the interrelationship for a common client. This is also a non-competitive partnership, just concentrating on service delivery.

Interoperability also ensures the footprint across the country is as big as it can get, which means as big as its members are spread around the country! With Mobile Network Operators adding to the reach, we can only see flexibility and the growth of a less-cash society or should we say a digital money society.

Bank anywhere transact anywhere better banked!