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  • Zimswitch

    secure payment options

    look out for the Zimswitch sticker on any POS or ATM nationwide. Any customer with a Zimswitch connected bank card can make secure payments at supermarkets, restaurants or hotels regardless of which POS & ATM are available.

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  • Zimswitch Mobile

    for a growing economy

    providing more options for people to access their money through new delivery channels such as mobile USSD.

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  • Payment solutions

    providing for your customers

    Vpayments is our latest delivery channel catered for banks to allow online website payments with existing debit card customers.

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  • More Delivery channels

    for your customers

    Zimswitch provides interconnectivity amongst finanical institutions.

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ZimSwitch Technologies has been in the switching business since August 1995. Initially, the company processed ATM transactions only, but in May 1996 the company began processing POS transactions.

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ZIPIT - Stands for ZimSwitch Instant Payment Interchange Technology. Once ZIPITs have been enabled on a bank's infrastructure, their customers can send funds instantly to any other ZIPIT Ready financial institution.

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ZimSwitch through Zimswitch Shared Services (ZSS) has developed an online payments gateway which is able to accept or process debit card based transactions online. This new innovation not only allows debit card based transactions online but it also enabled merchants to sell their products online.


ZimSwitch Mobile is a shared mobile banking platform and USSD Gateway connecting our member financial institutions to all three MNO's in Zimbabwe, namely Telecel, NetOne and Econet. The platform offers full USSD connectivity for banking related services as well as SMS and Direct Airtime functionality.

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